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Thursday, October 23, 2014

After the Upgrade: When do I register for classes?

When The Upgrade goes live in spring semester, one of the first process changes students will notice is how they find out their registration time (a.k.a. registration queue time). Currently, students go to the One Stop website and use an interactive tool that provides personal enrollment timing information based on their student record. After Go Live, it will simply be part of the Academics tab in MyU!

View of Registration Time tab within the Academics tab of the new MyU
How students will view their registration time in the new MyU (click to enlarge). 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sneak Peek: U Market Ordering Process

For everyone who creates requisitions in EFS, here is a brief video that shows how processing of U Market orders will change after The Upgrade is complete. U Market itself will not be changing but the basic EFS requisition pages will look a bit different. Please take 5 to 6 minutes to watch the video. It will help you prepare for the changes coming with the scheduled upgrade in April 2015*.

Click to view the U Market Ordering Process Sneak Peek
*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Upgrade Key Messages

"What are the top three things you want your audience to remember?"
What are the top three things you
want your audience to remember?

Since so many of us are spreading the word about The Upgrade, we thought it would be useful to distill the information down into three key messages (but remember to always tailor content to your audience whenever possible). 

Message 1: In April 2015*, we plan to do a systems upgrade that will affect nearly everyone at the U. To be successful, we need your support... and patience!

Supporting Information
It's time for an upgrade!Three PeopleSoft systems will be upgraded: Campus Solutions (student systems), Enterprise Financial System (EFS), and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Where it makes sense, we are also moving from an overly customized system to a tried-and-true package solution. Other changes include a personalized portal; consolidated reporting; automated business processes; and better infrastructure. Tertiary systems may also be affected.

You’ll need to learn new ways to do things, and we’ll give support and training as needed. As with any upgrade this big, we expect to have to work out some kinks, so please be supportive during this time.

Message 2: The Upgrade will…                            

  • Support ongoing infrastructure efficiency, supportability, stability, and compliance.
  • Provide benefits to faculty, staff, and students: personalized MyU portal, real-time information, automated processes, and consolidated reporting.
Supporting Information
Upgraded systems will be easier and faster for IT to maintain so we can focus more resources on our mission instead of on behind-the-scenes operations. Upgraded systems will enable improved processes, such as employee time management, purchasing, and accounting. And we’ll be in a better position to leverage new and emerging technologies.

MyU will feature personalized information and let you manage your interests and favorites. Go to MyU for things like:
  • Real-time personal notifications and financials
  • Real-time class schedules, grades, and waitlists
  • Research, teaching, and advising tools
  • Consolidated reporting (UM Reports, UM Analytics, some PS reports)
  • Access to UMarket and purchasing information
  • Employee time management and approvals

Message 3: The Upgrade will take one to two weeks. During that time, you won’t be able to use some systems. For example, some systems will have view-only information that is not "live." You will need to prepare -- we will help you.

Supporting Information
"are you ready?" word artBecause we are upgrading several complex systems in sequence, the process will take longer than previous upgrades. We are working to minimize the impact but you may need to take some actions beforehand, like making loan or vendor payments, entering and approving employee time, or making sure your software is up-to-date. We’ll help you prepare – please pay attention to future communications.

This change is complex, and even though we have taken a lot of precautions, it’s rare that an upgrade this significant would go off without a hitch. Please be an advocate during this time. We need your support and patience to be successful!

*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.