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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Appointment Entry Job Aids Revised

Four newly revised job aids for Appointment Entry have been posted on the Upgrade Training and Education page. Click on the Human Resource Systems tab, then Core HR > Appointment Entry.

Here are direct links to the revised job aids, along with brief descriptions of what has changed:

  1. In the Academic Temp/Casual Appointments job aid, UNS information has been removed.
  2. The Person of Interest - Other Payee job aid is now called “ Entering UNS Appointments ," and it includes a revised process.
  3. The Summer Appointments in HRMS job aid has been heavily revised.
  4. The Hire a Graduate Student/Assistant/TA/RA into a Non-Posted Job aid was updated to include information on teaching assistants and research assistants.

Look for more revised job aids in the next week.

Blogger Tricks

‘Navigating Payroll in 9.2: Part 2’ event scheduled for Friday

The successful completion of the first University payroll using electronic time and absence reporting was a significant milestone. Understandably, it also raised many questions throughout the system. “Navigating Payroll in 9.2: Part 2,” an in-person conversation and online meeting, is designed to clarify points of confusion and provide answers to some common questions. The event will be held on this Friday, May 15, from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. in the 3M Auditorium at Carlson School of Management on the West Bank. You can also attend the meeting online. The event number is 748949912.

The presentation will center on topics related to time and absence reporting and the payroll process. It will also include a helpful graphic that shows the pay cycle from start to finish. Refreshments will be provided.

Update on the U’s Employment Website

A refinement is planned to improve the user experience with the University’s new employment website’s search capabilities. Within the next several weeks, applicants will be able to search by college and job family. Also, the U of M business summary at the top of each job description will be moved to the footer so applicants can read the posting without interruption.

The downtime during the cutover period to the 9.2 system also produced a backlog of new job postings. These are a high priority for the Job Center, and new positions are being posted as fast as possible.