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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Appointment Entry Job Aids Revised

Four newly revised job aids for Appointment Entry have been posted on the Upgrade Training and Education page. Click on the Human Resource Systems tab, then Core HR > Appointment Entry.

Here are direct links to the revised job aids, along with brief descriptions of what has changed:

  1. In the Academic Temp/Casual Appointments job aid, UNS information has been removed.
  2. The Person of Interest - Other Payee job aid is now called “ Entering UNS Appointments ," and it includes a revised process.
  3. The Summer Appointments in HRMS job aid has been heavily revised.
  4. The Hire a Graduate Student/Assistant/TA/RA into a Non-Posted Job aid was updated to include information on teaching assistants and research assistants.

Look for more revised job aids in the next week.

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