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Thursday, September 11, 2014

MyU Preview: Reporting Center

MyU Preview is a series giving a peek into pages within the new MyU. Keep in mind MyU is in development and some things will change between now and Go Live.

After the new MyU launches, you’ll get to the Reporting Center by logging into MyU and finding it under “Key Links” in the main menu. Here are just a few of its features. Click the image to enlarge.

1. The Reporting Center consolidates Enterprise Level reports from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and specific reports from PeopleSoft. 2. Filter reports by report title. 3. Clicking the blue star adds a  report to both "My Favorite  Reports" and the Favorites  menu, so it's available  everywhere in MyU. 4. Help, FAQ, and other resources are available by clicking "Need Assistance." 5. Hover over a report to see more information.

Questions? Contact esup@umn.edu.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Videos Introduce Changes to Timesheets and Absence Requests; Watch to Ensure You Get Paid on Time or Can Take Time Off After PeopleSoft Upgrade in February

One of the biggest changes in the University’s Human Resources Management System Upgrade from PeopleSoft 8.9 to 9.2, is that employees who currently report their time and absences on paper will instead do so electronically when the system plans to go live in April 2015*. The change will affect almost everyone who works at the University, except those in University Services and a few other units who will continue using KRONOS and COMPASS. Hourly employees and their supervisors who don’t make the shift from paper to electronic reporting risk not being paid on time. Salaried employees who don’t make the change to electronic absence reporting could have time off delayed. To introduce the change from paper to electronic reporting, the University’s Office of Human Resources has completed three new sneak peek videos, including Electronic Time Reporting, Electronic Absence Reporting, and Approving Electronic Time and Absence Reporting. Closer to the Upgrade Go Live date, University employees will be offered training and other how-to resources to help make the change. Here are a few key points employees should be aware of when the Upgrade plans to launch in April: For Hourly Employees
If you are an hourly U of M employee or undergraduate student worker who reports your hours now, you will continue to report them in the future. But rather than completing a paper timesheet, you will submit your hours online using electronic time reporting. Unit administrators can assist employees without access to computers. For Salaried/Exception Hourly Employees (Faculty and Staff)
If you are a salaried or exception hourly employee who does not submit a timesheet now, you will not be required to do so in the future. (Exception hourly employees will continue to report salary exceptions such as approved overtime, shift differential, etc.) Salaried and exception hourly employees who currently report vacation and other absences on paper will instead do so electronically. Unit administrators can continue to assist faculty and staff with reporting absences. For Supervisors/Managers
If you are a supervisor who reviews and approves employee time or absences, you will continue to do so in the future. After Go Live, you will complete your approval electronically rather than on paper. Supervisors will be able to delegate this function where necessary. To view the new sneak peek videos, go to: *Electronic Absence Reporting (helpful for all employees)
*Electronic Time Reporting (helpful for hourly workers)
*Approving Electronic Time and Absence Reporting (helpful for managers/supervisors) http://z.umn.edu/hrmsapprtimeabsrpt

*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New UM Reports List web page

What’s happening to the reports you use to do your job?

Following up on the blog post entitled ‘ESUP Questions...Is UM Reports Going Away?’, ESUP has published a new web page to help faculty and staff find out what’s happening to their favorite UM Reports.

The UM Reports List web page includes background content about the connection between reports and their associated business process and a link to a spreadsheet listing reports affected by ESUP with:

  • Tabs for UM Reports from the Finance, HRMS, and Student systems
  • Report numbers and descriptions
  • Information about what’s happening to each report as a result of ESUP
  • Where to find the report after the scheduled systems launch in April 2015*

“The UM Reports list begins to answer the questions many UM Report users have been asking - Which reports are staying? Which reports are being replaced with new PeopleSoft tools? and Which reports are being retired?,” said Mary Keenan, UMD director of Strategic Enrollment and Institutional Research and member of the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting Steering Committee. “Like most UM Report users, I have my go-to reports. It’s helpful to review the list to check on their status,” added Keenan.

Additionally, visitors to the page will find two short videos and a job aid about the new Reporting Center including:

  • a two-minute sneak peek introducing the new center as a consolidated catalog of reports coming from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft
  • a nine-minute demonstration giving a deeper view into how people will access the center and find the reports they need
  • a one-page job aid with call-outs highlighting its features 

Please visit the new page to learn more about what’s happening to UM Reports and email esup@umn.edu if you have any questions.

*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.

Save the date: Student Systems Preview Sessions

The Student work stream has announced the dates for its preview sessions--the first step for learning about training and maintaining access for the upgraded system. Save the date:

Thursday, October 30, 2-3:30, Kiehle Auditorium
Friday, October 31, 8:30-10, Sargeant Student Center (formerly known as Bede)

Thursday, October 23, 10-11:30, Kirby Student Center, Griggs Room
Thursday, October 23, 1-2:30, Kirby Student Center, Griggs Room

Monday, October 27, 11-noon, HFA, Studio A

Tuesday, October 21, 9:30-10:30, University Square Bldg, Room 419
Tuesday, October 21, 1-2, University Square Bldg, Room 419

Twin Cities
Wednesday, October 1, 10:30-11:30, Peik Gym G55
Friday, October 3, 9-10, Rapson 54
Wednesday, October 8, 9-10, Nolte 140
Thursday, October 9, 2-3, CSOM 2-213
Wednesday, October 22, 2-3, McNeal 33
These sessions will paint the training picture for those needing to maintain access to the “campus solutions” area of PeopleSoft. Attendees will learn about required training and how to access other training resources. There will also be demonstrations of the new MyU, the new Faculty Center, the new Advisor Center, and key processes (e.g., permission numbers, service indicators, related content).

All those with current access to the student services system received an invitation on September 19 with more details.

While not required, the Student Records Training & Support Team highly recommends attendance for those with student systems access. The sessions will be highly informative and set the stage for the required training that will follow.

Position Management and Reporting Center Key Topics of August HR Stars’ Meeting

More than 80 people participated in-person and online at the HR Stars meeting on Aug. 26 on the Twin Cities campus. The Stars are a key advance team of more than 100 HR professionals throughout the five system campuses that was organized by the Office of Human Resources to provide valuable leadership, insight, and advice regarding the upgrade of the Human Resources Management System, as well as the larger Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program. The Stars convene monthly and serve as important resources within their units.
During its meeting, the group heard a presentation about the new Position Management capability that will be part of the HRMS upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2, which plans to go live in April 2015*. Among the data collected in Position Management will be position number, job title, salary plan, supervisor, supervisees, and other information. According to Lori Mein, business process owner in the Office of Human Resources, Position Management is the “heart” of the HRMS.
“Everything starts with, and follows, Position, and it is essential to many HRMS functions,” Mein said. “Position management makes automated approvals, workflows, and data updates possible.”

Photo of Carrie Meyer, University of Minnesota
Carrie Meyer, co-facilitator of the HR Stars, addressed the group at its August meeting.

The Stars also benefited from a demonstration of the new Reporting Center that will be part of the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program. University faculty and staff will access the center through the new MyU portal and be a catalog of reports from multiple sources like UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft in one location. Amy Winkel and Amy Schult, from the Reporting and Data Management team, led the discussion and answered questions.

The Stars’ meeting was led by the group’s new co-facilitators, Teri Spillers, from the Office of Human Resources, and Carrie Meyer of the Controller’s Office. Kathy Brown, Vice President for Human Resources, kicked off the meeting and thanked the group for sharing information about the upgrade within their units.
To see a video recording of the meeting, please click here. For more information about the HR Stars, or the group’s upcoming meetings, please contact Nicole Salm in the Office of Human Resources at (612) 626-2286 or salm0078@umn.edu.

*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.