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Thursday, September 11, 2014

MyU Preview: Reporting Center

MyU Preview is a series giving a peek into pages within the new MyU. Keep in mind MyU is in development and some things will change between now and Go Live.

After the new MyU launches, you’ll get to the Reporting Center by logging into MyU and finding it under “Key Links” in the main menu. Here are just a few of its features. Click the image to enlarge.

1. The Reporting Center consolidates Enterprise Level reports from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and specific reports from PeopleSoft. 2. Filter reports by report title. 3. Clicking the blue star adds a  report to both "My Favorite  Reports" and the Favorites  menu, so it's available  everywhere in MyU. 4. Help, FAQ, and other resources are available by clicking "Need Assistance." 5. Hover over a report to see more information.

Questions? Contact esup@umn.edu.

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