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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New UM Reports List web page

What’s happening to the reports you use to do your job?

Following up on the blog post entitled ‘ESUP Questions...Is UM Reports Going Away?’, ESUP has published a new web page to help faculty and staff find out what’s happening to their favorite UM Reports.

The UM Reports List web page includes background content about the connection between reports and their associated business process and a link to a spreadsheet listing reports affected by ESUP with:

  • Tabs for UM Reports from the Finance, HRMS, and Student systems
  • Report numbers and descriptions
  • Information about what’s happening to each report as a result of ESUP
  • Where to find the report after the scheduled systems launch in April 2015*

“The UM Reports list begins to answer the questions many UM Report users have been asking - Which reports are staying? Which reports are being replaced with new PeopleSoft tools? and Which reports are being retired?,” said Mary Keenan, UMD director of Strategic Enrollment and Institutional Research and member of the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting Steering Committee. “Like most UM Report users, I have my go-to reports. It’s helpful to review the list to check on their status,” added Keenan.

Additionally, visitors to the page will find two short videos and a job aid about the new Reporting Center including:

  • a two-minute sneak peek introducing the new center as a consolidated catalog of reports coming from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft
  • a nine-minute demonstration giving a deeper view into how people will access the center and find the reports they need
  • a one-page job aid with call-outs highlighting its features 

Please visit the new page to learn more about what’s happening to UM Reports and email esup@umn.edu if you have any questions.

*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.

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