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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ESUP Question...Is UM Reports going away?

With a project as large as the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP) there are bound to be questions and rumors about what’s changing and what’s really happening. Thank you to Stephanie Betterman, from the Department of Horticultural Science, who emailed the Program with a question around the topic of reporting. Stephanie wrote, “There are rumors in my department that with the implementation of the new portal, the University will be taking UMReports away. Is there any truth to this?”

This rumor is false. UM Reports is not going away as part of ESUP, however what is changing is how University faculty and staff will access reports contained in UM Reports.

The majority of current, individual UM Reports will be available in the new Reporting Center. Data for some reports will be delivered through new functionality like PS Reports or PS Pages. In the near future, a list of current UM Reports with information on what is happening to each report as a result of the upgrade, will be posted on ESUP’s web site.

When Finance, HRMS, and Student launch their upgraded systems in spring 2015, users will access their UM Reports using the new Reporting Center, which will be available through the myU portal.

The Reporting Center will centralize reports people need to do their job. It won’t be the only place to find reports but it will provide a place that consolidates access to University reports from multiple reporting tools, including UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft (PS).

The Reporting Center will:
  • categorize reports based on their function (i.e. finance, human resources, student)
  • include search functionality
  • allow users to bookmark their favorite reports
  • offer a ‘Need Assistance’ feature to get help
Please watch this short ‘Sneak Peek’ video about the Reporting Center for an introduction to this new tool.

Thanks again to Stephanie for submitting her question and letting us use her name in this publication. Please email other questions or rumors to esup@umn.edu. We will contact you before we use your name and question in any of our publications.

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