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Thursday, April 3, 2014

ESUP Removes OIM from Program Scope

ESUP planned to implement Oracle’s Identity Manager (OIM) as a replacement to the University’s existing legacy identity management system, x.500. The phased migration was set to begin this spring, ahead of ESUP’s launch next year.

However, implementing OIM has proven to be more complex than anticipated and cannot be completed within ESUP’s timeline, according to Identity Management (IdM) project director Gordon Korbel. Program leadership agreed with the recommendation to decouple OIM from ESUP, and the program will instead go live in the spring of 2015 using the x.500 system.

This decision will have little impact outside of ESUP. "Most people at the University will not notice any changes -- in fact, the decision to bring forward x.500 will result in an almost identical end-user experience," said Korbel.

The IdM team will continue implementing the changes required for ESUP. The OIM-specific activities will return to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) where staff will have more time to consider the larger scope of work. OIT will leverage the knowledge the team gathered and will work on a separate timeline for implementation.

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