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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is hypercare and why should you care?

ESUP is starting to plan for end-user support post-go live. The stabilization period after a system launch is often referred to as ‘hypercare’. It focuses on customer support, data integrity, and system stability. The ESUP hypercare effort will leverage the knowledge and experience of each ESUP work stream and require coordination and collaboration between functional, technical, and security experts.

During this planning period, ESUP will identify appropriate channels for the first level of support, confirm issue resolution pathways, determine communications tactics, and ensure the program is gathering the necessary organizational support to meet user needs immediately post launch. In addition to relying on the expertise of integration partner Cedar Crestone International, the program is reaching out to other institutions who have undergone enterprise-wide upgrades to validate best practices. 

ESUP is also gathering lessons learned from previous internal upgrades and implementations. We plan to support our knowledgable help desk employees to ensure they have as many details about the changes as possible and leverage these experienced user support teams in the planning process.  The program’s goal for hypercare is to ensure that strong structures and procedures are in place so questions and issues are fielded, prioritized, resolved, and communicated back to the user community in a timely and effective manner.

We want to hear from you!
To ensure ESUP’s planning activities address the most critical needs and to provide you with the best support, we’d like your input. Please send your ideas or questions on hypercare to esup@umn.edu and include “hypercare” in the subject.

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