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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Key Messages for the Week of 09/24/2012

  • ESUP team members are moving to the project during the next several weeks. 
    • We continue to renovate and equip the ESUP office space in Williamson and WBOB. 
      • Renovations will continue through the end of the month. 
      • Between now and Nov. 1, ESUP team members can work in any space reserved for project use. Your project director will help identify team work space during this period.
    • ESUP team members will receive their project laptops and other necessary equipment and software delivered directly to them as close to their starting date as possible.
    • We will schedule training and provide support for the use of the Google application suite and “soft phone” technology, as needed. Other training will be scheduled by your project director as these needs are identified.
  • The ongoing renovation of the workspace will NOT delay the overall project timeline.
  • During this initial period, our high-level project plans and schedules are developing and evolving on a daily basis.
    • It isn’t practical at this point to engage all ESUP team members in all aspects of project planning, however, your areas are appropriately represented in these planning meetings.
    • We are committed to sharing project plans, schedules and information as they are finalized.
  • Your project director is your go-to person for questions, concerns, resources and training needs.

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