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Monday, October 29, 2012

Key Messages for the Week of 10/29/12

  • Following the ESUP Kickoff on Oct. 16, we are hearing lots of stakeholder interest in learning more about and engaging in the upgrade program.
    • We definitely want broad engagement from stakeholders and users from all UMN campuses and units.
    • We will provide multiple opportunities to get involved in the coming months, including Interactive Design Prototyping (IDP) sessions, focus groups, “town halls,” and more.
    • We are committed to sharing plans, schedules and opportunities to engage as they are finalized.
  • To help ensure that you receive information about these opportunities, please email esup@umn.edu and ask to be included on future ESUP stakeholder communications. 
  • It’s important to remember that we just kicked off the Plan and Discover phase.
    • This phase reaffirms and builds upon our preliminary fit-gap analyses and planning and will set the scope and schedule for ESUP going forward.
    • At the end of Plan and Discover, we should be able to share a more definitive ESUP timeline. 
    • The dates for important milestones and “go-live” have not been set.
    • Please rest assured that we will work closely with the work streams to minimize disruption to mission-critical activities.
  • Finance has made significant progress on e-Procurement.
    • A contract with SciQuest has been approved.
    • We are in the process of defining requirements and reviewing vendors.
    • SciQuest will be coming into town for the initial eProcurement kickoff on Nov. 13
  • In the Student work stream, the Campus Community Fit-Gap Verification sessions are underway, and active participation by session attendees is providing key information about current UMN business processes.
  • Our ESUP leadership team continues to grow -- when you have the chance, please introduce yourselves to the two newest ESUP project directors:
    • Testing Project Director: Alex Ryan (UMN)
    • Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) Project Director: Jennifer McCord (CCI’s counterpart to Amy Winkel; arriving Nov. 5)
  • Finally, we are working intentionally to connect ESUP team members and stakeholders with each other and the information they need to make this project a success.
    • The entire ESUP project team should have access to our online document repository, the structure of which is summarized here:
    • This will be the home of all ESUP documentation, including meeting and session agendas and minutes; planning documents; and status reports.
    • If you are on the project team and cannot access the repository, please let your project director know.
  • The ESUP blog, online at upgrade.umn.edu, will continue to expand to include a glossary of ESUP terms and acronyms, a calendar listing upcoming sessions and forums for interested stakeholders, and more.
  • We are also in the process of establishing ESUP Google Groups to help target our communications appropriately to the ESUP team, work stream teams, ESUP governance groups, and other audiences.

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