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Monday, August 12, 2013

ESUP Update 8/12/13 - 8/26/13

Portal team holds rapid prototype usability evaluation
Last week, members of the portal team piled into the Usability Lab at Walter Library to evaluate the first paper prototype of the new U of M portal. Users explored a paper rendering of how the portal might be organized and gave feedback to help design future versions. Click here for more information.

UMContent to Drupal: What will it mean?
One of the changes coming with the new portal will be the way content providers at the University manage their web content. The initial focus of the Drupal project is to move systems off of the current UMContent system, provided by the Office of Information Technology. Click here to read more about Drupal and the new portal.

ESUP Video: Single Sign On (SSO)
Arash Forouhari, ESUP project director for Identity Management (IdM), explains the current state of single sign-on (SSO) at the University and what will change. Click on the link to watch the video!

ESUP Change Management continues outreach
The ESUP Change Management team continues working its broad engagement plan.  Each work stream is striving to expand direct contact with relevant stakeholders during Phase 2: Analyze and Design. Click here to read more.

Quick hits and reminders from across the work streams

  • The Executive Oversight Committee has made a change to ESUP’s organizational structure. In a memo sent to team members on Friday, Dean Robert Elde, EOC chair, lauded the Program for its “steady and remarkable progress since its launch in October 2012”, and announced a search for a Program Director to oversee both the University’s program team and the Cedar Crestone consultants as the Program enters the next phase of testing and implementation. 
  • Great news for ESUP! Identity Management’s (IdM) contract with PricewaterhouseCoopers was approved, as was Testing’s contract with HP Quality Center. Stay tuned to the blog for more information on these approvals. Congrats!
  • The Integration web page has been updated to include the most current versions of the Application System Survey Contacts List, the Consolidated Application List, the Data Warehouse Mapping example, and the PeopleSoft Mapping example. These documents were shown at the July 29, IDEAA meeting.

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