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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ESUP creating a 'one-stop-shop' for reporting

University leaders and staff need reports to help them make good decisions. However, these reports are not always easy to find. This will change with the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP).

“In terms of reporting changes coming as a part of ESUP, the idea of a reporting center is the thing I’m most excited about,” says Lori Lamb, chair of ESUP’s HRMS functional steering committee. “Having ready access to reporting information in one place will be a big step forward.” Lamb is referring to the Reporting Center, a concept now taking shape as part of the program.
The idea is to centralize the reports University faculty and staff need to do their job through the Portal when the upgraded systems go live late in 2014. It won’t be the only place to find reports but it will be THE place to access reports from multiple reporting tools like UM Reports, PeopleSoft and UM Analytics.
The Reporting Center will:
  • categorize reports based on their function (i.e. finance, human resources, student, etc.), 
  • include robust search functionality, and
  • allow users to customize their own view to include their favorites.
 To help identify features that work well for users and enhance functionality, Reporting and Data Management (RDM) staff conducted usability testing and feedback sessions by sharing an early version with University staff from the System campuses.

UM Morris feedback session - Clare Dingley, registrar and director of the Office of the Registrar pictured

“We’re encouraged by the positive response and we’ll use the feedback as we work towards a final product,” said Amy Winkel, reporting project director for ESUP. “We appreciate everyone’s input and the opportunity to create this tool that will make it easier to access reports in the future.”

Look for additional Reporting Center information and details in future issues of the Upgrade and at upgrade.umn.edu as development work continues.

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