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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ESUP at the Board of Regents

“We went into this [the upgrade] with our eyes wide open,” Vice President and Chief Information Officer Scott Studham explained at the June 12 meeting of the Board of Regents Finance committee.

VP Studham and ESUP Executive Program Director Dennis Wenzel presented an annual ESUP update at the committee’s June meeting, comparing the Program to a hockey game. During the first period, teams were actively engaged in discussions identifying processes they no longer needed. The second period--where the Program currently sits--is the building stage, where programmers are busy developing and ESUP delivers the system. The third period is reserved for post go-live, when the Program will deal with changes and issues.

“People tend to celebrate the go-live, but that’s only the end of the second period,” Studham cautioned. 

The Finance committee, which includes Executive Oversight Committee member Vice President and CFO/Treasurer Richard Pfutzenreuter, were encouraged by the Program’s status and appreciated the progress made to date. Committee members asked a number of questions, including day one reporting expectations, the status of Identity Management, tertiary system engagement, and lessons learned from previous upgrade projects.

The presentation slides can be viewed here. To download a PDF of ESUP’s official status report, click here.

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