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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Will the New myU be Mobile-Friendly?

“Will the new myU portal work on my phone or tablet?” This is one of the most common questions asked of the portal team.  The answer is yes!  The new myU will have a responsive design.

What does “responsive” mean? Like other University of Minnesota websites, the layout of the new portal landing page will adapt to your phone or tablet to provide an easy reading and navigation experience. Let’s use the University’s OIT website as an example of a responsive site:

On the left is a desktop browser, in the middle a portrait tablet view, and on the right a smartphone view. As the screen gets smaller, the images and menus respond by collapsing and stacking to make a better, easier navigation experience for the user. This is responsive design, and will be how many pages in the new myU portal will function.

While the myU portal will be responsive, power users in PeopleSoft (such as EFS users) should continue to perform their work on a full-featured laptop or desktop computer.

Check back regularly to the new myU project website for updates on this and other developments related to the new myU launching with ESUP in Spring of 2015.

Questions about responsive or mobile? Email us at esup@umn.edu

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