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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why do we upgrade?

University of Minnesota's website in 1998
In 1998, the University installed its first PeopleSoft systems as one of the software company's early partners. In fact, we helped create some of the technologies and processes that later became industry standards.

As is often the case for early innovators, we now need to catch up. While our technology has been modified to the nth degree -- we actually have one of the most modified systems on the planet -- but some of our systems have not been properly upgraded in 17 years. PeopleSoft is ending support for these older systems. And we will soon fall out of regulatory compliance. In short, our systems are out of date. The Upgrade will move us from an overly customized system to a tried-and-true package solution, giving us a faster, more streamlined, more powerful infrastructure.

Link to Computing History videoWatch this short video from U Libraries for a picture of just how “retro” this upgrade thing is!

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