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Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Update and Key Messages for the Week of 11/12/12

  • The program and project directors want to thank the hundreds of subject-matter experts, end-users, and stakeholders from across the University of Minnesota system who have participated in the first few weeks of ESUP sessions.
    • Project directors report that participants have been engaged, open to change, and embracing of the principle of reducing system customization.
    • All five campuses have been well-represented, and despite occasional technical challenges, thus far everyone seems willing to take the time to do this right.
    • Thank you, colleagues, for your time and effort so far!
  • Last Wednesday, much of the ESUP Program repository on Google Drive were removed from view, disrupting access and work for a number of ESUP team members.
    • The problem may have been triggered by a team member who had moved the ESUP Program folder to “My Drive,” then later decided to remove it from their personal drive.
    • This action in itself should not have caused the more significant access problems that resulted, and the University has opened a ticket with Google to investigate these issues.
    • Until the remaining repository folders and files are recovered and we understand exactly what happened, please do not remove the folder “ESUP Program” from your personal “My Drive.”
  • Access to the ESUP Program repository on Google Drive is managed by the work stream project directors.
    • If you are using Google but do not have access to the repository, please contact your project director.
    • If you cannot use Google mail because of the nature of your work at the University, please let your project director know -- we need to know the scope of this problem so we can provide alternative access.
    • Please do not rely on personal Gmail accounts to access ESUP folders and files.
  • The ESUP Consolidated Calendar is now available online by clicking Calendar on the ESUP blog at upgrade.umn.edu.
    • This calendar features all scheduled sessions across all work streams (primarily Student and HRMS at this point), plus blackout dates and other key events.
    • For more information about these sessions, please contact the appropriate work stream project director.
    • If you are a part of the University of Minnesota community and are unable to view these calendars, please email us at esup@umn.edu to report the issue.
  • Approximately 180 people attended the University of Minnesota Duluth’s ESUP Kickoff Brown-Bag last Wednesday, Nov. 7, in Kirby Ballroom on UMD’s campus. 
    • For more information, check out this brief overview of the event, including presentations.
    • We hope to schedule similar forums on the other campuses in the next several weeks, and are looking into scheduling additional forums on the Twin Cities campus, as well.
  • The Student work stream held its ESUP project kick-off on Thursday, Nov. 8. 
  • The Student work stream has also launched an informational web page with additional work stream-specific information at z.umn.edu/esupstudent.
  • The current ESUP team roster, including both University of Minnesota (UMN) and CedarCrestone (CCI) team members, is now available online.
    • This listing will continue to be updated regularly as the team composition changes.
    • Please introduce yourself to those team members you don’t know when you have the chance!

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