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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elde to Chair ESUP Executive Oversight Committee
Following Mulcahy Retirement

College of Biological Sciences Dean Robert Elde has agreed to chair the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP) Executive Oversight Committee when the current chair, Vice President for Research Tim Mulcahy, retires this month.

The Executive Oversight Committee includes the leaders of the functional areas directly impacted by ESUP: Vice President Kathy Brown (Human Resources), Vice Provost Bob McMaster (Student), Vice President Richard Pfutzenreuter (Finance) and Vice President Scott Studham (Information Technology). As chair, Mulcahy was charged with bringing a more independent and enterprise-wide perspective to the group, ensuring that ESUP succeeds as more than three independent projects and more than a technological upgrade.

“If we do this the way we’re trying to, the institution will change its operational culture,” Mulcahy said. “This is the next step for survival: we need to evolve a central nervous system. We have a lot of smart people -- nerves all over the place -- but we need better coordination. If I have a stake in this, it’s to change the culture to take an enterprise view and be more collaborative.”

Vice President Mulcahy has led the Executive Oversight Committee at the request of President Eric Kaler since the committee was charged in October of 2011. Elde will continue in this role, bringing an enterprise perspective with the University’s academic mission at the forefront. Mulcahy and Elde are working together through the end of the month to facilitate the transition.

“I’m delighted that Dean Elde has agreed to take over and bring his leadership skills to this challenging and necessary system-wide effort,” said University President Eric Kaler. “I’d like to thank Tim for all of his innovative and hard work in leading this important culture change.”

“Tim Mulcahy has provided excellent leadership and I look forward to continuing on the same trajectory,” Elde said. “This is a valuable opportunity to improve the University’s operational excellence by coordinating and simplifying administrative processes in key areas.”

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