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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Consolidated Program Plan Presentation

ESUP thanks partners at Consolidated Program Plan event

On June 3rd, Rebecca Collings, program director from Cedar Crestone International (CCI), Kathy Brown, vice president for Human Resources, and Andy Hill, ESUP program director gave brief presentations on ESUP's Consolidated Program Plan and thanked the Program's partners at an event on the Twin Cities campus.

Over 100 people from all areas of ESUP came to the event to make connections, get reacquainted, and hear Collings' presentation which included more information on:
  • What is a program plan?
  • How did ESUP develop their program strategies?
  • Where can people find information on the program strategy?
  • What are some program deliverables?
Collings, Brown, and Hill each expressed their gratitude to ESUP's partners for their hard work, creativity, and perseverance on the Program. They encouraged everyone to continue their efforts to develop and implement an effective system for the entire University community.

"I'm relatively new to the Program so hearing more about the history and framework at this event was beneficial," said Patricia Samberg, instructional designer and system campus training lead, who attended the event from Duluth. "It was also a great opportunity to meet my colleagues from the other campuses and feel like a part of an enthusiastic and dedicated team."

The presentation is available to view here. Team members can get more information on the plan by navigating to the internal program site.

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