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Friday, June 14, 2013

Joint planning workshop illuminates challenges

Program Director Andy Hill addresses the
team during a morning break
On June 5th, project leaders representing each of the 12 different Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP) work streams joined together for a day-long retreat to clarify where and how the projects are dependent upon each other over the next 18 months. Each project leader had time to trumpet team successes, identify key milestones, and then list expectations and dependencies. Much of the information was plotted into a giant timeline. The visual communications tool helped the leaders clarify scheduling and resource alignment, and it identified areas of conflicting assumptions. The team now has a stronger understanding of interdependencies, and is in a much better place to put effort into resolving divergent assumptions.  

Project director Tim Gagner places his
dependencies on the big plan.
The next steps for the program leaders include addressing the issues surfaced. Many of the dependencies identified can be solved through communications and cooperation, but some of them may require business-led prioritization. ESUP leadership will refer to the governance process for appropriate guidance any time the work streams demonstrate legitimate, and well-intentioned differences of interest.

ESUP’s leadership team will reconvene for a second joint planning workshop on June 26th to brainstorm creative solutions to the conflicting assumptions identified at the first event. In the meantime, everyone is invited to view the timeline, which is hanging in 150 Williamson Hall!

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