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Monday, July 1, 2013

ESUP at the Board of Regents

On June 14, Dean Robert Elde presented an ESUP status report to the Board of Regents in his role as chair of the Executive Oversight Committee (EOC). Accompanied by the full EOC, Dean Elde provided an overview of the Program’s goals, multiple work streams, complex timeline, budget, and Program Quality Review (PQR) results. Following the presentation, the Regents asked questions and gave feedback.

Regent David Larson, speaking from his experience merging decentralized units into one global enterprise, encouraged those working on ESUP to continue reducing the number of customizations and modifications. Regent Clyde Allen reinforced ESUP’s focus on data, both now and in the future. He asked if ESUP was addressing longer-term extensibility. Finally, Regent Abdul Omari appreciated ESUP’s “synergy with faculty, staff, and students during a time of change” and reiterated the need for continuous communication.

On June 13, Vice President for Human Resources Kathy Brown and Director of HR Operations Lori Lamb gave a more detailed update on the HRMS work stream to the Faculty and Staff Affairs Committee. Vice President Brown described the HRMS project as a “foundational” priority for the Office of Human Resources, and praised the hard work and collaboration of project team members and stakeholders within the HRMS work stream and across ESUP. Regent David McMillan spoke to the critical importance of “business process optimization” as a part of the current Analyze and Design phase, and asked Director Lamb about the depth of the commitment to reduce customizations.

“It’s as strong as I could have imagined,” said Lamb, adding that the commitment starts with President Kaler and the Executive Oversight Committee. “People are actually saying, ‘Maybe simpler is better.’”

Click on the following link to watch a video recording of the ESUP presentation to the Board of Regents on June 14. The ESUP presentation starts about one hour and 35 minutes into the meeting.

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