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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ESUP leadership participates in second joint planning workshop

Photo: Members of PLT listen to a
presentation on the new enterprise portal.
ESUP’s Program Leadership Team (PLT) attended a second joint planning workshop on Wednesday, June 26th. The joint planning workshops have been instrumental for members to gain understanding across work streams, identify obstacles, and determine options for success. Goals for the second workshop included addressing work stream schedule issues and conflicts identified from the previous workshop, along with providing a deeper understanding on how Portal, Reporting and Data Management, and Testing would impact functional work streams.

In preparation for the event, PLT members participated in a survey on sustaining effective teamwork as ESUP evolves. Dr. Brandon Sullivan, Director of Employee Engagement in the Office of Human Resources was invited to present the survey findings. The survey results were positive, indicating PLT members had clarity around roles and responsibilities and experienced good collaboration with one another. At the same time, the team saw opportunities to operate more efficiently and identified processes that could be streamlined. Finally, results suggested the team was aware of the program’s scope and were working to ensure goals and resources remained aligned as ESUP advances.

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