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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ESUP establishes IT Steering Committee

The ESUP Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) was formed over the summer to help the Program establish technology governance, processes, and policies that align the work being done on ESUP with the University’s long-term IT strategy.

The ITSC will focus its efforts on reviewing all technology infrastructure integrations, custom web-application development, security, complex development and dissenting opinions on application design. “ESUP formed this committee to help inform and influence technology decisions. It will operate like the other functional steering committees where they discuss best practices, processes, and support for these systems after Go-Live,” said Sharon Ramallo, chairperson of the committee and associate CIO for Enterprise Systems in the Office of Information Technology.

The ITSC’s objectives include:
  • Endorsing and communicating overall technology direction for ESUP to appropriate audiences
  • Providing resolution for ESUP technology project issues
  • Conducting technology reviews and setting priorities and direction of efforts
  • Reviewing and approving major technology project deliverables that warrant discussion
  • Providing a network for open communications between IT groups
  • Reducing project risks and optimize project performance

“The broad viewpoints represented on the Committee help us tackle important issues, identify risks, and take action necessary for ESUP to succeed and align with the University’s long-term goals,” said Mark Powell, assistant program director for technology for ESUP and ITSC committee member.

Please send questions about the ITSC or its decisions to Sharon Ramallo at ramal003@umn.edu.

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