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Thursday, October 31, 2013

President Kaler recognizes ESUP progress

University President Eric Kaler, Executive Oversight Committee Chair Dean Robert Elde, and ESUP Program Director Dennis Wenzel welcomed over 120 ESUP staff and stakeholders to an appreciation event October 16 at the Campus Club.

“As I said at the kick-off a year ago, I don’t know of anything more important to the long-term viability and success of the University of Minnesota than the work you are engaged in right now,” Kaler said. “I have your back!” the President re-stated, expressing his support for everyone’s effort and commitment to making ESUP a success.

“It was good to hear the President continues to champion this project and will support the decisions being made after implementation,” said Rod DeVriendt, human resources specialist in the College of Veterinary Medicine. “I think this event energized the group to continue to carry out the final year of this project.”

Dean Elde introduced Program Director Dennis Wenzel, who provided a brief program status update. “Overall the program is in good shape,” said Wenzel. “As we start the second half, we will expand our efforts in areas like testing, development, and implementation to make sure that when we ‘flip the switch’ at Go-Live a year from now, the lights will come on.”

Wenzel also highlighted results from the recent stakeholder survey, indicating University staff have higher confidence in ESUP’s success if they know someone working on the program. “Your efforts are making a difference and you are the connections between the program and the people directly affected by our work. You are ESUP’s ambassadors,” added Wenzel.

To watch a video of the event’s program, please click here.

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