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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Announcing Changes in Finance/EFS - Part Three: WorkCenters and Issue Selection

In this three-part series, we are exploring some of the changes for Finance or the Enterprise Financial System (EFS). Part One covered ChartField values, Workflow, and Approval changes. Part two covered PCards and Combo Codes.

As mentioned in Part One and Two, for EFS this effort is an upgrade of the existing system. In general, we don’t expect or plan on massive changes to financial business processes. Nevertheless, we are taking this opportunity to make some changes and address major points. So far, after reviewing the proposed changes to EFS, stakeholder representatives and financial advisory groups have welcomed the new procedures and approaches coming with ESUP.   

For more information about the planned changes see Potential for Change by Module in EFS.

What’s one big new thing that will be in the Finance system (EFS) after the upgrade?

This is just one of the new features available to the University, as a result of changes made to PeopleSoft: WorkCenters. PeopleSoft now offers WorkCenters for many functions. For example, voucher preparers (payments) will have one screen they can go to that amalgamates functionality from many different places in the system: which transactions have errors and need attention; queries and reports the preparer might need to find things; transactions in progress/status; a link to create new transactions; and so on. End users of the system from departments and colleges helped determine which features and links to include in these WorkCenters. Finding things in the system should be much less complicated and stressful for busy unit support staff. Think of it as a control center for the common and necessary tasks for a role. Instead of having to remember a whole bunch of different system navigation, it’s all gathered in one place. Watch for a sneak peek from the Finance team, coming soon, about WorkCenters.

How did these specific issues get identified or selected to be addressed as part of the upgrade?

Vice President Pfutzenreuter chartered a functional steering committee for this effort made up of college and department representatives. When this upgrade project began, the finance community members on the functional steering committee reviewed and prioritized the list of EFS end user pain points that had been identified at that time. The resulting list guides the work of the entire finance system upgrade.

What’s happening next?

Teams will be working on: 

  • retrofitting or removing existing modifications, 
  • replacing certain online activities with new PeopleSoft functionality, 
  • resolving how to address critical pain points, 
  • collaborating with the other work streams where there is an impact on or integration needed with the finance system, 
  • collaborating with technical staff to address changes made to the technology infrastructure, and 
  • drafting job aids and training materials related to the changes being made.

For more information about the planned changes, see Potential for Change by Module in EFS.

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