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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Cutover Period: What You Need to Know

The Upgrade is a massive undertaking. We are upgrading several complex systems in sequence, as well as improving system efficiency, adding a portal, consolidating reporting, and updating processes.

This is why The Upgrade will take longer than previous ones.

Just before the new systems “go live”, there will be a one to two-week period during which some systems won’t be available – some will have view-only information that is not live.

We are trying to shorten the system cutover period as much as possible. Right now, it looks like it will take a little more than a week. We’ll know more at the end of the November testing period. 

Prepare for the Cutover Period

Before the cutover, you’ll need to take care of critical issues that will happen during that time, such as having extra lab and office supplies on-hand, and entering and approving employee time. As we get closer, we will provide more preparation information. 

Here are a few things you WILL be able to do during the cutover.
  • Human Resource Systems: You can continue the hiring process and you can view employment records. We do need to minimize the number of HR events during the cutover period, so consider moving hires before or after that time.
  • Finance Systems: You can continue to make PCard purchases (e.g., for research activities) and view information as "read-only".
  • Student Systems: You can view all records, print transcripts and certification letters, and access “read-only” software applications.
  • Reporting: UM Reports, the data warehouse, and UM Analytics will be available with static data that was accurate as of the cutover date. 

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