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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Update for April 22, 2013

New faces around ESUP
A sunny spring welcome to ESUP’s newest teammates: JP Hagerty, Beth Cunningham, Dan Sluka, and Peter Barry! Hagerty comes from University Services and will step into the role of Executive Program Coordinator, while Cunningham joins ESUP as a Strategic Communications Consultant for the program with a Portal project focus. Prior to ESUP, Cunningham worked on campus for the National Center for Food Protection and Defense.

Dan Sluka joins the HRMS work stream as the CCI lead consultant and will be transitioning duties with outgoing consultant, Ben Santleman. Peter Barry joins the program as a short-term consultant assisting with OIM. Welcome to ESUP, all!

UPKs providing benefit to IDP session
The University purchased PeopleSoft’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) to assist in the development and delivery of end-user training. The University will use a blend of the UPK and its existing tools to achieve the most efficient and effective training possible, while introducing users to reengineered business processes.

The software is especially helpful because it allows the user to create training materials and online support in a variety ways. When done, the user can watch a demo, try out a process interactively, learn it, print a pdf cheat sheet, or take an interactive test, depending on what the training developer designs.

Members of the ESUP Training team have been making the “delivered” vanilla UPKs available to Student and HRMS IDP participants in advance, giving them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the PeopleSoft delivered features and functionality. More information on UPKs can be found online at http://z.umn.edu/upk.

When is ‘Go live’?
Users across the University system are eager to know one critical piece of information: When will this new system go live? Though it is too soon to identify a date, the Deployment process is front of mind for many people. As a result, Project Directors will soon begin working with their subject matter experts (SMEs) and business process owners (BPOs) to identify work stream specific timing concerns.

Later this spring, ESUPs leadership team will participate in a two-day workshop aimed at identifying the least disruptive time to launch the new system. In addition to discussing the go live date, the leadership team will also prepare for post-deployment activities. While ESUP will work to launch everything successfully, a program of this size may result in minor issues and setbacks, which will be immediately addressed. ESUP will also evaluate post go live activities to ensure proper staffing is in place to address any issues.

Quick hits and reminders from across the work streams

  • Identity Management has been working to complete a request for proposal (RFP) to bring an implementation partner to assist with the Oracle Identity Management (OIM) implementation. The RFP is projected to come before the Board of Regents in July for approval.
  • The Reporting and Data Management work stream began collecting requirements for archiving/document storage needs from the Student, HRMS, and Finance work streams.
  • The Integration team has been holding introductory meetings with impacted colleges and departments to discuss integration points. In addition, the team is eager to analyze responses to the survey they sent on April 3, 2013. IT Directors are encouraged to add their applications systems information to the survey via the ESUP website: http://upgrade.umn.edu/p/integration.html
  • The Change Management, Communications, and Training work stream has been working on a number of deliverables, including: drafting communications plans with Technology project directors, preparing UPK development sequences, and creating a change management and training estimation model. 

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