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Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Update for the week of April 1, 2013

Fostering Academic and Faculty Participation in ESUP
Over the past few weeks ESUP has built a number of successful partnerships with faculty and academic interests University-wide. Last month, the Portal work stream entered into a dynamic collaboration with the College of Design to host the Design Thinking workshops. The Portal project is also kicking off a faculty advisory committee this month. If you are a University faculty member and would like to get involved, check out the Portal website. More information on the Design Thinking workshops or how you can get involved can be found online: z.umn.edu/portal.

In the meantime, program director Andy Hill has met with faculty groups on campus, soliciting feedback and encouraging participation in the upgrade process. “The University is full of amazing people who can help make this upgrade a success,” Hill said. For information on how faculty or departments can get involved, please email us at esup@umn.edu.

ESUP Looks to Simplify Documentation Processes
The Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program is a large-scale collaborative process that requires flexibility, evaluation, and readjustment when necessary. To continue fostering a culture of continuous improvement and to embrace Operational Excellence, ESUP has identified areas where documentation requirements may be cumbersome and is working to eliminate possible redundancies between forms.

Reporting and Data Management Present BI Roadmap 
Last Thursday, the Reporting and Data Management (RDM) team presented the BI Roadmap to the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) Steering Committee. This roadmap will support the University’s goals to address data management and reporting needs across all campuses, including issues of data quality and integrity. The EDMR Steering Committee plans to provide their feedback and comments in the coming weeks. Both the RDM team and the EDMR group welcome comments and questions. Please email any thoughts or questions about the BI Roadmap to edmr@umn.edu.

Design Thinking Workshops (DTW) Portal prototypes Available Online
With several DTWs now completed, prototypes from the first three workshops are now available on the portal website. Watching the team videos is a great way to see how many of your colleagues are conceptualizing the future of portal. The most recent DTW was in Duluth, and had 34 participants (prototypes to be posted later this week). Early feedback shows that participants are enjoying the design thinking process and that it has helped them to understand the portal needs of other staff, faculty, and students. You can learn more about Design Thinking @ College of Design, our DTW partners, on their new website: dt.design.umn.edu.

Quick Hits and Reminders From Across the Work Streams

  • The Finance work stream team will hold their kickoff event on May 8, 2013. Team members will receive more information soon or information will be posted online at: http://z.umn.edu/esupfinance. In addition, representatives from ESUP and the Finance work stream will be presenting an update on the overall program and the activities taking place for Finance to the community at the Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) General Membership meeting on April 4. For more information on FSUN, visit http://z.umn.edu/fsun.
  • ESUP’s Integration team will be working with members of the University’s IT community to create an inventory of applications that use enterprise data. Using a survey to capture this information, the Integration team envisions this as a first step in building a shared understanding of the PeopleSoft integration needs of the entire University community.
  • The Training work stream is hiring! If you are interested in a training coordinator position with ESUP, check out the latest job posting, here!

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