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Thursday, September 5, 2013

ESUP fosters University reporting and data management collaboration

Through ESUP, a strong partnership has formed between the Program’s Reporting and Data Management (RDM) work stream and the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) initiative. Together, RDM and EDMR are addressing important reporting and data-related capabilities for the University over the short and long-term.

RDM is a project within ESUP which creates a more short-term focus. Its goals for the Program include:
  • Meeting Go-Live reporting needs related to the upgrade
  • Aligning central reports to business processes
  • Identifying and creating reports needing real-time data

“Our goal is to work with the work streams to make sure their Go-Live reporting needs are met for faculty and staff,” said Amy Winkel, RDM project director for ESUP.

EDMR is the business owner, or governing body, for RDM and will continue to oversee reporting beyond the life of ESUP. EDMR’s overall goal is to improve the availability, understanding, use, and value of data used throughout the University. It will reach its goal through:
  • Shared data: access to common and comprehensive data sources
  • Shared understanding: a common platform for institutional and unit reporting
  • Shared tools: awareness and application of standard metrics and data definitions
  • Shared development: a structured environment to exchange knowledge and ideas

“EDMR is about getting the most out of the data, reporting, and analysis assets available to the University,” said Steve Gillard, University data custodian and director for the Analytics Collaborative. “The two groups have a very good working relationship and this collaborative effort improves approaches to problem solving which leads to better solutions.”

A concrete example of this partnership started recently when RDM staff identified three topics that required EDMR collaboration:  reporting standards, direct data access and the identification and definition of key data elements. As a result, one of EDMR’s tactical committees, the Data Governance Team (DGT), is considering these topics at an institutional level to develop actionable next steps and recommendations for long-term solutions.

In the coming weeks, the ESUP Update blog will include articles with more details about the collaboration around these three topics. In the meantime, please send questions to esup@umn.edu

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