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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finance work stream explores new features

The ESUP Finance Project Work Stream has been exploring new features available in PeopleSoft version 9.2. Among the available new features are various work centers for transaction preparers and approvers. Work centers are available for some data entry functions in the financial system but not all. The available work centers help preparers of some transactions see which are pending review, which require action by the preparer, and so on, in one place.

The upgraded version of PeopleSoft Financials also delivers a tool that may allow people to do things like make Chart of Accounts change requests from within the system itself, potentially replacing the current BPEL tool forms. This feature needs to be further investigated but the preliminary review is encouraging. Watch for further updates as we discover more about the new version of Financials.

Even though the teams are still exploring these new features, it appears that for some functions, transaction preparers can look forward to better access to information and more efficient handling of certain kinds of requests.

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