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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MyU Preview: MyU Homepage

MyU Preview is a series giving a peek into pages within the new MyU. Keep in mind MyU is in development and some things will change between now and go-live.

When you first log into the new MyU, you’ll see a version of the landing page below. Here are just a few of its features. Click the image to enlarge.

1. Clicking anywhere on the maroon bar opens the main menu, showing more information under Key Links, Favorites, Recommended, and My Interests. 2. Key Links gives you access to sites and resources based on your role, deeper MyU pages and tools like PeopleSoft and the Reporting Center. 3. Favorites allows you to bookmark favorite tools and sites. 4. Recommended shows you information based on your role at the U. 5. My Interests shows you information based on interests you select. 6. Tabs allow you to access more information and business functions. You’ll only see the tabs related to your role. 7. Notifications shows you tasks you need to complete and circulation information from campus libraries.

Questions? Contact esup@umn.edu.
Revised on November 5, 2014.

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