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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

After The Upgrade: Entering Appointment Data Before Employee’s First Day Is Critical for Payroll

With the PeopleSoft upgrade, new capabilities will require changing our processes, including entering Appointment data into the Human Resources Management System. In fact, accurate and timely Appointment Entry drives pay and virtually every other important HR function.

Currently when an employee is hired, the entry of that person’s data may happen at any point after we know their start date, up until the deadline for Pay Entry for their first paycheck. This is changing: After The Upgrade, the Appointment must be entered into the system before a new employee’s first day of work.

In simple terms, Appointment Entry will drive payroll. If someone is not entered into the system before their first day of work, they cannot report time or absence, and their pay will be affected.

For online training about Appointments, Position Management and other functions, go to The Upgrade Training & Education site.

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