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Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's Changing?

  • U Catalogs will remain 
  • Course descriptions will be able to include URLs 
  • The Course Guide will be retired 
After The Upgrade, students will have many ways of finding course and class information when they search for classes. Course descriptions from University catalogs--the public source for all academic offerings--will appear in class search results. 

Additionally, faculty, instructors, and their proxies will be able to add a website address with additional course or syllabus information to appear in the class notes section of class search results. This ability to include a website address is the replacement option for the Course Guide, which will be retired after The Upgrade.

Faculty and student groups, collegiate and department administrators, and technology staff were consulted at length about the technical limitations of the Course Guide, and the significant resources needed to maintain it. Ultimately, the Student Team made the decision to retire the Course Guide with the support of those consulted. All academic offerings will still be publicly available in University catalogs at http://www.catalogs.umn.edu/.

Read about ending the Course Guide, and adding URLs to course descriptions.

Training will be delivered online, accessible at Upgrade Training & Education. You can also reach out to your area's Advance Team members for additional information.

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