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Thursday, January 29, 2015

MyU Preview: HR Tabs

MyU Preview is a series giving a peek into pages within the new MyU. Keep in mind that MyU content is still in development and some things will be updated between now and Go Live.

If you’re an employee, after the Upgrade goes live, you’ll perform many of the tasks you currently complete at the HRSS website in the new MyU. These tasks include viewing your paycheck, enrolling in benefits, and viewing your supervisees’ information. Click the images to enlarge.

My Time: 1) Use “My Time” to report hours worked, overtime, and paid time off such as vacation or sick time. You can also see your paid time off balances. Depending on your job, you may see a button to Submit a Timesheet or Request Time Off (sick, vacation, personal holiday, comp time).  When you submit a timesheet or absence request, it electronically goes to your supervisor or a delegate, for approval. No more paper forms. 2) Balances are from the most recent pay end date. You will only see a balance if you are eligible. 3) Training and other resources will be provided to faculty, staff and unit administrators.

My Pay: 1) “My Pay” will provide high level paycheck information. Employees will be able to see gross pay, total deductions, total taxes, net pay and direct deposit info. For all details, a link will go to the employee self-service paycheck. 2) Every employee will see an expense reimbursement link at the bottom of "My Pay" if they receive an expense reimbursement. The link will take them to information about that reimbursement, similar to what you see today on the HR Self Service pages. 3) You’ll also see a link to "Traveling on University Business" with travel policy information, access to travel tools, and other helpful resources.

My Benefits: 1) On “My Benefits,” you’ll see information and links to your Medical and Dental coverage, life insurance and other benefits. 2) Open enrollment will occur in November every year, as usual.

Manager Info: 1) Supervisors will go here to approve time or absences electronically. They will only have access to the links on this tab if they have the role. For example, if a Supervisor is a Time Approver, but not an Absence Approver, they won't see the Absence links. 2) This tab will also have a training section, with training for Approving Time & Absence, Managing Schedules, and Delegating Approvals for Time, Absence or Recruiting. 3) On the “Manager Info” tab, managers get a snapshot of the people they supervise, with links to deeper information.


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