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Friday, December 12, 2014

MyU Preview: Academics Tab

MyU Preview is a series giving a peek into pages within the new MyU. Keep in mind MyU content is still in development and some things will be updated between now and Go Live.

If you’re a student, after the Upgrade goes live, you’ll do many of the tasks you currently complete at the One Stop website in the new MyU. These tasks include things like registration, applying for financial aid and paying bills. The Academics tab shown here is your entry point to information about your degree, registration, classes, and grades. Click on the images to enlarge.

1. Weekly view of your class schedule with the option of changing to a list view. 2. Sub-tabs to navigate to details about your classes, registration, progress towards your degree, and grades. 3. Adviser information and more enrollment tools. 4. Classes without a set schedule (such as online classes).
1. Select the term above to see your personal registration time. 2. If you need help, this will connect you to the right resource. One Stop will still be here for you.
1. Degree milestones (most frequently used in graduate programs) 2. The link to apply to graduate will appear when you are eligible to apply. 3. Degree planning resources.
1. All your grades are easily accessible. 2. Print a verification of your enrollment, view your unofficial transcript, or order an official transcript.  3. Notifications (actions you need to take) and Holds appear on the bottom of each page. You can also click on the “Notifications” count at the top right of the page.

Questions? Contact esup@umn.edu.

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