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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After The Upgrade: Reports

Obscure image of the reporting center
A PeopleSoft upgrade plans to go live in April 2015*. It will usher in a new Reporting Center that consolidates UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft reports.

The Reporting Center provides a single window into commonly used reports from multiple reporting tools. Features include: Improved search function, real-time data, ability to "like" favorite reports,  links to the data warehouse web query tool, HRMS query viewer, and EDMS. 

Here is some important information for people who use reports:

  • Some reports will have different names and content.
  • UM Reports favorites and bookmarks will not transfer, so save a list in order to find them after The Upgrade
  • If you have created and saved ad-hoc queries in the Data Warehouse, they may need to change due to business process changes.
  • During the one to two-week system cutover period in April, most UM Reports will be view-only with static data.
  • Find out details about reporting changes.
  • Watch a short video to prepare for the new Reporting Center.
*This article was updated on 02/04/2015 to reflect the most recent timing information.

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