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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enhanced Support for The Upgrade

To support staff, faculty, and students through the PeopleSoft systems upgrade, we are developing easy-to-use Enhanced Support for existing structures and processes. So, the help contacts you use today are the same ones you will use after The Upgrade.

Here are some essential support groups:
cyclical boxes of enhanced support areas (bullets)
  • Advance Teams are “voice on the ground” teams comprised of workplace personnel supporting colleagues throughout The Upgrade.
  • The Call Centers / Help Desks team prepares all centers with training and resources for a consistent user experience, ensuring issue tracking and resolution.
  • The Training Teams provide educational resources and learning opportunities to support university-wide understanding of how to use the new systems.
  • The Communication Teams share information with the University community through an array of channels before, during, and after The Upgrade.
  • The Command Center will provide internal support to the call centers and help desks, analyze themes and trends, and will help prioritize issues across the Program.
Since upgrades this big usually have hiccups along the way, these teams are essential as we work through technical glitches, process confusion, and user dissatisfaction. Everyone will need to leverage their skills in flexibility, empathy, and patience!

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