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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Every new year brings both constancy and change, and this one is no different.
  • The constancy: the PeopleSoft upgrade is still expected to launch this spring. 
  • The change: we are shifting from February to a goal of March or April. We plan to announce exact dates by January 28th. 
When determining timing for such a large, complex program, we weigh a wide range of factors and trade-offs, from payroll periods to student registration to grant processes, and many, many more. Depending on the timing, the implementation will affect some areas more than others, so we truly appreciate your flexibility.

Greater reach to the University community

With The Upgrade's implementation on the horizon, we are focusing on spreading the news to everyone (yes, everyone) at the University.

-An awareness campaign will be posted throughout the campuses.
-You can help! Visit the Awareness Campaign page to download, print out, and post materials in your offices.
-College and unit leaders will ask you to participate in readiness.
-Visit our website and take the weekly poll. 

High-touch events

Starting with the OIT-sponsored “Get Upgrade Ready” event (see pictures below) this week, we are hosting events that prepare users for the change. The IT event was so well attended and so engaging, we wished we had sold tickets!

Soon-to-be-announced is the upcoming “Upgrade Fair,” a day-long event for PeopleSoft users to get a feel for what the upgraded systems will be like. [Update 4/8/15: here is a link for more information on the Upgrade Fair]

[Around 500 staff and faculty attended IT's Get Upgrade Ready event on January 7th in the Great Hall, where t-shirts were provided, and attendees listened to Upgrade presenters. To see more pictures and Tweets from the event, search #upgradeready.] 

Enhanced support and diligent preparation

We will equip existing helplines and call centers with information and training to answer your questions during Cutover and Go Live. Behind the scenes, we continue testing and refining the systems, and releasing relevant information as it becomes available. Please make sure you are preparing by checking out training on the
Training & Education page.

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