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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

After the Upgrade: Getting to Mail and Moodle through MyU

A new MyU is launching as part of the PeopleSoft Upgrade on April 20. It will be available at the same address as the current myU: myu.umn.edu. The new MyU is role-based, with a personalized interface based on what you do at the University. MyU brings together links and information to help faculty, students, and staff get business done at the U.

Will I still be able to access my University email account in MyU?

Yes! Just use the link in the upper right of the new MyU. Alternatively, you can always access your University email account at mail.umn.edu. You’ll need to log in with your Internet ID and password.

Portal Decommission Screenshots.png

Can I still get to my Moodle course sites?

Yes! Look under “Key Links” in the new MyU. Alternatively, visit moodle.umn.edu. Then you'll see all the Moodle course sites you have access to in the Moodle Kiosk on the main page.
Portal Decommission Screenshots (2).png

Questions? Email upgrade@umn.edu.

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