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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Supply & U Market Ordering

We are resolving problems with the requisition process regarding U Market orders and requisitions for non-U Market suppliers. Caused by a system defect, these issues are made worse by the high transaction volume. The two main issues are:
  • "Page data inconsistent" errors when attempting to save/submit a requisition
  • Invalid row number on requisition lines
Representatives from Oracle (the PeopleSoft software supplier), SciQuest (the U Market software supplier), and University staff are working around the clock to resolve these problems.

We have a large number of help tickets open for these issues and cannot respond to each individual inquiry. Once the issues are resolved, we will send an email to everyone.

Other known issues

Printing orders
Right now, no one other than a procurement specialist may print a PO. The email confirmation to Requisition Preparers has a broken link to print the PO. We are researching how to best address the issue.
The "missing" Modify Line Shipping Accounting button
We decided to remove this button from the system because Oracle replaced this feature with a new "mass change" button. Unfortunately, this does not work for any Oracle customers so they are working on fixing this as soon as possible. Once Oracle provides the update, we will roll it out to all requisition preparers so you can again modify more than one line at a time. We apologize for this inconvenience, affecting approximately 5% of University orders (even though it’s a small percentage, it is a large number of orders).
Catalog information not passing to supplier on PO
Please be aware that for a small number of orders, the catalog item number from the supplier is not being included on the PO. We are actively working on this issue. If additional steps are needed related to any of these orders, you will be contacted directly.
Lost U Market Carts
Helpful Tip: If you have lost a cart in U Market, log in to U Market, and then look for the shopping cart icon in the left-hand maroon bar. Select the cart, then select My Carts and Orders, then select View My Orders (Last 5 Orders). A list will appear of your last five orders.
Thank you for your patience while we resolve these issues related to our Upgrade.

Status messages for these and any other Upgrade-related issues are posted on upgrade.umn.edu.

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