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Monday, April 20, 2015

Q&A: My Wallet for EX Preparers and cardholders

Update: On April 26 a fix was put in place to address part of the problem of people being able to see unreconciled activity in My Wallet but not being able to see it on the Expense Report. There are two steps needed to address this, one is finished but there is one more step that is scheduled to take place on April 27 to complete the fix. If you are able to see unreconciled activity in My Wallet but not on the Expense Report, this should be resolved fully by April 28. Thank you for your patience.

Q: I know there are six transactions in My Wallet for a cardholder but the I (EX Preparer) can only see one transaction, why?

EX Preparers will not be able to see My Wallet transactions if the cardholder has checked any of the boxes (on the left side of each transaction) in My Wallet.  If this happens EX Preparers should contact the cardholder and ask them to uncheck all of the boxes.  

Q:  I am a cardholder and am wondering what is the checkbox for in My Wallet?

Cardholders should not check any of the boxes in My Wallet.  If any of the boxes are checked the EX Preparer will not be able to see the transaction to bring into an expense report to reconcile and submit for approval.

Once the boxes have been unchecked, the cardholder may need to click on the Expense Type icon and type in the description field in order to update and save the transaction.  The cardholder should click Return to Search and go back to My Wallet to ensure the check box is still unchecked.

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