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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Updates on requisitions, PCard processes, justifications

Expense Preparers
If you are an Expense Preparer, please start in the Expense Report (skip My Wallet). My Wallet is designed for people who are cardholders only—those who are not Expense Preparers.

Expense Preparers can print a step-by-step guide on how to reconcile PCard transactions using the Expense Report. This Job Aid can be found here.

Description Field

PCard transaction justifications should be added in the Description field either in My Wallet (by the cardholder) or in the Expense Report (by the Expense Preparer). The Description field allows 254 characters and the justification should focus on the Why. Special characters should not be used in the Description field because it will cause the printing of the PDF Expense Report to fail.

Attaching Backup Documentation or Additional Justification

Both My Wallet (for cardholders) and the Expense Report (for Expense Preparers) will accept multiple attachments. If 254 characters of description are not enough for a “why” justification and any ChartField strings, attach a document containing the additional information along with the receipt.

Processing Credit Transactions

Credit transactions require that a description be entered into the Credit Reference field so the activity will process. Please enter information about the original transaction in this field and click <Ok>. The credit transaction will already be added to a new Expense Report and will no longer show in the list of My Wallet transactions. Once you return to the list of My Wallet transactions you can select additional transactions and click <Done>. You will now have the credit and any other selected transactions on an Expense Report for you complete and submit for approval. A Job Aid on credit transactions can be found here.

Finding Lost Transactions

Anytime a PCard transaction is brought into an Expense Report (ER) the ER is saved and a number is added. If you decide to process the transaction at another time, that transaction is still assigned to an ER.

  • If you are a cardholder and think you are missing transactions, you can search for all transactions in My Wallet by clicking on <Transaction Status> changing it to <All Transaction Status> and click <Search>. If the transaction has been assigned to an ER there will be an ER number in the ID field on the right side.
  • If you are an EX Preprarer and need to search for missing transactions for a specific cardholder you should go to Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Expense Reports > Create/Modify and search for an Existing Value and search by Empl ID. Most likely the missing transaction will be on a blank ER.

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